Exploring Fiji
Top 20 Things to do in Fiji

Top 20 Things to do in Fiji

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Fiji is surrounded by natural beauty and the waterfalls are picturesque and wonderful to swim in on a hot day.

Explore the waterfalls

Fiji is surrounded by natural beauty and the waterfalls are picturesque and wonderful to swim in on a hot day. Book a day trip with your resort or hotel reception and plan a lovely hike and picnic with your personal tour guide!


There are many unexplored trekking areas scattered throughout the islands. Ask a local or your tour operator to organise a trip to a Fijian village with the best treks to mountaintops offering spectacular views of the lush green islands and the vast coastlines. You may be required to seek permission from the village elders and present gifts such as Kava before you’re welcomed and allowed to explore their lands.

Fresh food and handicraft markets

Locals love their fresh food markets as it offers everything from vegetables, fruits, seafood to sweets, snacks and meals. Explore any of the local markets to try local tropical fruits and vegetables that are too delicious to pass. You may also find local artists displaying their creative handmade crafts, clothing, jewellery, bags and souvenirs that are both affordable and make great gifts while supporting locals!

Visit the local town

Townships in Fiji mean shopping complexes when locals say ‘we are going to town’. They often mean shopping for groceries, clothes or even to grab a bite. The local towns are full of funky and colourful people, strangely decorated shops that sell snacks and lollies and local clothes shops with loud prints. It is worth exploring if only to spend a day window shopping and people watching.

Try the famous Mama’s Pizza

One of the most famous Pizza joints in Fiji is Mama’s pizza. Conveniently located on Port Marina on Denarau Island, their chicken pizzas are loved by locals and tourists alike.

Buy souvenirs

Unique handicrafts, funky Bula or Hawaiian shirts and Fiji’s local beer merchandise are the top three gifts people purchase to take back home. Visit local markets to find handmade crafts and jewellery to support local entrepreneurs and take home a unique memorabilia.

Visit rural Fiji

The most underrated places to see in Fiji are the rural settlements, especially those in farming communities. These local villages have an abundance of beautiful landscapes and access to pristine rivers and waterfalls. The locals are always welcoming to visitors and you will not leave without sharing food and drinks with them when you visit.

Eat at local restaurants

Small food carts can be found around the busy streets of local towns and sell the most delicious snacks and authentic Fiji food. Fiji’s multicultural society has given rise to many unique dishes that mix Fijian, Indian, Chinese and Pacific Island foods into a beautiful array of meals you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Visit a nightclub

A tad bit risky to visit a nightclub in Fiji, but if you have trustworthy local guides, you can have a wonderful time and make many new friends while partying, dancing and drinking the night away.

Visit Denarau Island Port Mariner

Food, shopping and drinks by the famous Denarau Port overlooking luxury yachts and beautiful waterways, a day or night trip to the Port Mariner and a meal at the Hard Rock cafe is a wonderful way to relax and unwind.

Day trip to outer islands

Fiji has over 300 islands and each one of them is as beautiful as the next. From surfing at the famous CloudBreak to a picnic on an exclusive Private island, fishing or even snorkelling, a day trip to an outer island is worth every penny.

Swim in the ocean

Tropical weather is fantastic for swimming at any time! The water is always just the right temperature and some beaches are so calm, you could dip your toes in, have champagne or beer while you watch the sun set. The sun sets on the ocean horizon in Fiji and is just a beautiful, serene sight.


With the Pacific Ocean at your feet and many reef ecosystems across the islands, snorkelling is a major attraction when visiting Fiji.


If you want to boast a good tan when you return home, sunbathing on a private spot on the beach could be a great way to relax. Grab a book and some fresh fruits and relax!

Romantic dinner in the pool

Some resorts offer very exclusive romantic dining experiences such as dining atop a shallow pool or at the waterfront of the beach. The resort staff can cater to your needs and decorate the table and wait on your table for a luxurious, romantic date night.

Day trip to Suva, the capital

Suva is the capital of Fiji and is the business district on the main island of Viti Levu. There aren’t too many tourist attractions on this side of the island apart from the famous Grand Pacific Hotel which has been recently restored to its former glory. Grab a quick bite and a fresh coffee while you’re here and enjoy the view of the sea with ships coming into the Suva port.

Go on An Adventure

If you’re feeling adventurous or in need of an adrenaline rush, visit the many attractions offered across the islands. Jet boating, river safaris, zip lining, water parks, golfing, fishing and even playing a friendly game of water polo or beach volleyball with the locals.

Relax and Unwind

Get a massage in your room or at the resort’s massage and spa rooms for a relaxing treat. Take a dip in your private bath (if there’s one available) or even take a stroll along the beach side and take in the sights and sounds of the crashing waves on the shore.

Go Fishing

Fiji’s reefs have an abundance of sea life which makes fishing such a pleasure in Fijian waters. Skilled fishermen know just where you can find the best fish and could teach you a few new tricks along the way such as spear fishing or dive fishing!

Drink Kava

Fiji’s national drink is Kava – used in traditional ceremonies or informal gatherings, it is a drink of choice for many locals. Kava is a drink that is derived from the root of the Yaqona plant. The roots are ground to a powdery form and mixed with water then strained to produce a murky and tongue-numbing drink. It has a relaxing effect on the body and mind and had with sweet lollies to ease the numbing effect.