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The Top 7 Local Favourite Restaurants in Fiji

The Top 7 Local Favourite Restaurants in Fiji

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A small developing nation with a rich culture and diversity, Fiji offers many multicultural cuisines. Indigenous Fijian, Fiji-Indian, Chinese, European and Pacific Island foods are all a part of the food experience. Food standards and hygiene are of utmost priority at resorts and larger restaurants however, some smaller eateries may not meet international food safety standards. With this in mind, if you are not eating at the resort restaurants and would prefer to try out some food the locals love, try the restaurants below.

Bhika Bhai

Fiji Indian sweets and snacks are famous at the Bhika Bhai shop. With two locations – Suva and Ba in Fiji, it is very popular among locals. Their sweets are a tad bit expensive as they sell according to weight but they taste lovely.

Suva Market

Authentic iTaukei (indigenous Fijian) food is regularly served at the Suva markets (or any municipal market around the islands). Rich soups with meaty broth and leafy green bele, served with a side of taro or cassava, chillies and lemon, are a favourite. You can also get delicious pies and cakes from the stall holders, all for a very affordable price.


Making your way through the highway to Lautoka, you will be met with a restaurant set atop a hill, overlooking the Western coastline. Spectacular views and spectacular food is what sets Tukuni apart. Indian and Fijian dishes, served beautifully with a view to enjoy the food. It is a bit on the pricey side but worth a visit if you’re looking to try some fantastic local cuisine.

Mama’s Pizza

Based in two locations in Nadi – in the main town area and on Denarau Island’s Port Mariner, Mama’s Pizza is a must have! Locals love the unique toppings such as mixed vegetables and luncheon meat. It sounds a little strange, but the flavours seem to work really well! The cheese is soft and stringy and in copious amounts. Their ‘special’ pizza is one to look out for and you can’t go wrong with their classic chicken pizza. The seafood pizza though, I would avoid unless you like strong fishy flavours.


Chinese and Fijian fusion food, Joji’s is a local favourite. The serves are enormous and paired with dalo and cassava or even rice or noodles – your choice of side. The chicken chop-suey is one that attracts a huge queue every lunch hour in the busy CBD of Suva City. The first Joji’s restaurant opened in the corner of the Suva Civic Centre Auditorium and attracted a large loyal fan base of regular customers. This led to the expansion into the MHCC food court and is now a very popular hotspot.

Hot Bread Kitchen

The original pastry and pies franchise that sells the most delicious and iconic ‘cream buns’ and chicken pies. A hot tip is to ask for ‘cream scones’ – they are delicious too but more of a secret menu item that not many people know about. The hot pies are often sold out during lunch hour but the hot dogs are also fantastic. Nothing in this bakery tastes awful, you must visit one – it is open in almost all towns across the main island of Viti Levu.

Govinda’s Vegetarian

Pure vegetarian food, Govinda’s sells all manner of delicious Indian food. The locals love the samosas with tamarind chutney, idli and coconut chutney, homemade ice cream and their delicious sweets such as barfi and jalebi are a great after meal dessert. The vegetarian food offerings can be combined into a thali meal where you can choose a few different vegetable meals coupled with roti or rice. Aside from being delicious, it is quite affordable too. The stores are located in Suva, the city area and opposite Damodar City Centre in Raiwai, Suva.

Tata’s Restaurant

Situated in Nadi, this restaurant is a favourite of many locals and migrants that return to the country to visit family. They offer authentic Indo-Fijian food such as curries, teas and many vegetarian dishes. The location is nothing special and the restaurant is not pretentious, it is a simple open shack that serves delicious food. If you are looking to eat with a fork and knife, this may prove to be difficult as they serve bone-in meat which is easier to eat using fingers. Roti can also be difficult to eat with cutlery. The food is often delicious but can be on the very hot and spicy side. If you are unaccustomed to eating a lot of spice, try sticking to non masala food and sauteed vegetables instead. Food you must try here are chicken curry, dhal, roti, crab curry and any vegetarian food. Do note that not all items on the menu will be available on the day.